Hurt and Heal: Rock Band games

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Introducing a new type of forum game to these forums, a Hurt and Heal! Gameplay is simple. Basically, each game listed here has a set HP. You can do only ONE of the following in your post:

Hurt one game x2
Heal one game x2
Hurt one game x1 and heal another x1
Hurt two games x1
Heal two games x1

Anything other than this is an illegal move, including hurting a game x2 and healing another x2 (which seems to be commonly used even though you shouldn't)

So, let's use this as an example:

Game A: 15
Game B: 15

If you want to hurt a game x2, simply remove 2 HP from that game and bold it, and say what move you're doing. Like this:

Hurt Game A x2

Game A: 13
Game B: 15

And the same goes for all the other types of moves you can do. And the last game standing is the winner. Got it? Alright then.

Not including track packs: only mainstream games. And I'm including Rock Band Blitz because why not.

Rock Band: 20
Rock Band 2: 20
Rock Band 3: 20
Lego Rock Band: 20
The Beatles: Rock Band: 20
Rock Band Unplugged: 20
Rock Band Mobile: 20
Rock Band iOS: 20
Rock Band Reloaded: 20
Green Day: Rock Band: 20
Rock Band Blitz: 20


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