An Endless Sporadic

JelmerHJelmerH Unsigned
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Hi guys,

I was wondering where the 'An Endless Sporadic' songs went. Saw some previews on YouTube and was really excited to play it but all of a sudden they're gone from the marketplace.

Anyone know more about this?


  • turnitup321turnitup321 Opening Act
    edited May 2012
    Impulse got pulled due to issues with the keys part (and I also heard that the practice sections were screwed up).
  • ZemanatorZemanator Rising Star
    edited May 2012
    the glissando's in the keys track weren't marked properly, it should come back in the next week or two
  • TheturtlekingTheturtleking Unsigned
    edited May 2012
    I really hope it's back soon so it can slowly make it's way to PS3.
  • JelmerHJelmerH Unsigned
    edited May 2012
    That's good to hear. Absolutely loved Impulse and some other song (can't recall the name) by them so I was really disappointed when it was suddenly removed from the store! Ah well, I will be playing it lots when it is finally released - to make up for this ;-)
  • QuazifujiQuazifuji Opening Act
    edited May 2012
    Songs get pulled after hitting the marketplace but before they hit the actual RBN store reasonably often. In general, don't treat a song as officially released until it's actually in the in-game music store.
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