Rockband, Costco, and Phoenix Children's hospital fundraising

VeritechryanVeritechryan Unsigned
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Hey everyone,

I work at the Cave Creel Costco and in may we do our fundraising for Phoenix Children's Hospital. I was trying to get our manager to allow me to bring my 360 and over 800 songs in on a day off and hook it into the 80" TVs and surround sound and have a donation drive.

Pay a couple bucks, either you'd get to play a song or our band (The Mighty Thundercleese) perform it for them.

I posted in another forum and was directed here so I thought I'd ask here as well. Is there any kinda legal hoops I'd have to jump through to make this happen? Because I could see this being something that could do well, especially since I've got such a huge variety of songs. Id go in on NY day off to make this happen.
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