Greg Lake and $5

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So Greg Lake is in town tonight and I'm ushering at the venue, subbing in for a friend who can't go, so I get to see the show for free and receive $5 on top of that.

Except, I can't help but feel that I should be more psyched than I am for seeing him in concert. I've never listened to King Crimson (aside from 21st Century Schizoid Man because of Guitar Hero) or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, so I can't say if I'll enjoy the music or not, but it seems like this is a great opportunity to see a skilled musician in an intimate setting.

Are there any Lake fans here who have seen him recently in concert? I have absolutely no idea what type of music to expect, except the venue usually attracts extremely talented acoustic/fingerpicking guitarists.

I'm sure it will be an enjoyable concert, but I'm curious to gather others' thoughts about him.


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    I've seen Keith perform by himself but not Greg. His voice is pretty amazing and he's got great bass chops. He can play guitar well.

    I wish I was seeing him. Grats.
  • CJHobbesCJHobbes Road Warrior
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    It was definitely an interesting show. You could tell the fans were lifelong ones, and it was a pretty nice intimate evening (the venue holds about 410 max). What was weird about it was the use of background tracks while he played. I expected something a bit more unplugged/acoustic, but he brought lights and smoke and everything.

    There was even a point where he sat down and did a Q&A with the fans for about 20 minutes. All in all, if you liked his music, you'd probably have enjoyed it. I was a bit lukewarm on it, but I'm not the largest fan. Still, it was pretty nice seeing a musician like him. And he definitely still has a great voice.
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    Always liked his stuff, especially the live recordings off KC's Epitaph. I'll be sure to look forward to my next chance of seeing him then. Only other person I knew to take time out for fans was Joe Strummer.
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