The Beatles - The Collection Original Master Recordings Vinyl set

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I'm not sure how many here are aware of, or have heard this box set, but if you haven't and you consider yourself a "hardcore" Beatles fan, you must. They, in my opinion at least, absolutely sound better than the 2009 Remasters. Amazing quality. Getting your hands on the actual vinyl would probably cost you more than $1,000, but there is a rip out there by a guy called Dr. Robert of the entire series to 24 bit/96khz FLAC and they sound amazing.

If you're a huge Beatles fan, you MUST hear these.


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    I have this collection. It belonged to my husband who has passed away. He was a hardcore Beatles fan and made me one too. He cherished the collection, so much that he would rarely play it. He loved that he had one of the 5000 sets made. He wanted to keep it pristine. Over the 13 years we lived together, I managed to convince him to play them for me. I can remember him removing them from their sleeves very gently, carefully putting his fingers on the edge of the vinyl. I was blown away by the sound the first time I heard it and each of the other few times afterwards.
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