House burned down yesterday.

skyp1eskyp1e Road Warrior
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No more Rock Band for me for a while. I lost pretty much everything.

Writing from a hotel room on a computer I was able to rescue.

The XBOX, 2 Mustangs, 2 Keyboards (one that I customized), MPA (also customized), Rock Band 3 drum set, 2 Rock Band 2 guitars and well pretty much everything I own was destroyed.

Hopefully once the insurance company sorts through all the wreckage I'll get a new system and replace as many peripherals as I can.


  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    wow, don't know what to say.
    that really sucks :(

    I wish you the best of luck
  • Lowlander2Lowlander2 FaIling Star
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    I'm really sorry, that sucks...
  • Pitch-BlackPitch-Black Road Warrior
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    Man, that's just terrible. All the best to you and your family. Hopefully you can speedily get back on your feet.
  • TheDescentTheDescent Road Warrior
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    This is horrible. It almost happened to me some years ago.

    I just have to say that the only really important thing is that noone got hurt somehow.

    Feel verry sorry for you.
  • Cipher_PeonCipher_Peon I don't get it at all
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  • bigmfbigmf Tiny Hulk Smash!
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    I'm really sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  • stigdustigdu Opening Act
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    That's absolutely terrible... :(

    I hope the insurance comes through quickly and you managed to recover as many irreplaceable items as you could. Best of luck with moving forward.
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    That's really awful, man. Hope you can get back on your feet again soon.
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    Oh my goodness. I'm extremely sorry to hear this, but I'm glad to hear that you escaped unharmed. That's the most important thing. Still, while I can't imagine how difficult that must be, I do understand that it must be terrible. You're in our thoughts and prayers.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
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    I'm glad you're alive and unhurt, and hope you get back on your feet soon.
  • Dadasaurus RexDadasaurus Rex Rawwwwwwr!
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    Very sorry to hear this, Glad you are safe. God speed getting back to normal.
  • GreatJedi7GreatJedi7 Road Warrior
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    Whoa, really sorry to hear that. Like others have said, I hope you can get back on your feet soon.
  • ClaptonsWigClaptonsWig I Can't Dance
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    Hope you have a good insurance policy that won't be stingy, I saw a trailer trash mother and kids in a Walmart after their trailer burned down buying ridiculous amounts of things you know they never had. Sorry to hear man, hope things get better.
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    Oh my God! I'm so sorry to hear that sky pie. I wish you the best of luck getting back on your feet.

    Wow. That's just terrible.
  • firedoom666firedoom666 Headliner
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    man that is just horrible... but I am happy you and your family are safe...
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
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    Hang in there, Sky. Things will be rough for a while but they will get better. I'm glad you're safe
  • topperharleytopperharley Son of Statler and Waldorf
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    Sorry to hear that. But if no one got hurt, that's the important thing. Stuff is just stuff. It can be replaced. Hopefully soon, so that you can get back to your normal routine.
  • pizzzapizzapizzzapizza Road Warrior
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    I hope you can recover soon :(
    and glad that your safe at least :)
  • Mega-TallicaMega-Tallica Washed Up
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    Sorry to hear that, that's terrible.

    If it's any help, a family member of mine had the same thing happen (electrical fire) and their insurance paid for the entire construction of the new house (their cat was also killed in the fire and that was actually what they were really upset about, not the actual house burning down). Their house actually looks a lot better now since it's brand new and they only really had to pay for new appliances, so hopefully your insurance does the same thing, there's no reason they shouldn't. Good luck getting everything back together again.
  • RunesmithRunesmith Headliner
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    Gosh, that's terrible. :( Has the cause of the fire been figured out yet? Hopefully the insurance company processes everything quickly and fairly.
  • DangimarockerDangimarocker Headliner
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    You are in our thoughts and prayers, hope everything goes smoothly.
    If you have pets, did you get them all out too?
    I couldn't imagine trying to carry my guinea pig cage, 3 cats, 2 dogs (both overweight) outside.........
  • CJHobbesCJHobbes Road Warrior
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    Don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, but damn, really sorry to hear that Sky. Glad to see you're safe, and hopefully everything can get sorted out quickly and you'll get back on your feet soon.
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    Man that is a bummer, sorry to hear about your stuff but I am glad no one was hurt.

    Hang in there.
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
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    Terrible news, I hope things get better.
  • boodeanboodean Road Warrior
    edited May 2012
    Sorry to hear that i know it sucks but at least no one was hurt,you can replace your stuff, you can't replace someone's life. Stay strong and you and your family will make it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    edited May 2012
    Really glad nobody was hurt. As rough as it is, items are replaceable, the ones you love aren't.
  • TylerFGTylerFG Road Warrior
    edited May 2012
    Damn, that's awful. At least you and your family's alright. hopefully things get better for you man.
  • BachiGBachiG Inconceivable...
    edited May 2012
    Echoing everyone else's sentiments in here. Hang in there and best of luck.
  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
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    Skyp1e, dude, that sucks! You and your family are in my prayers. You need anything, let me know and I'll do what I can to help.
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
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    I'm surprised that you're bothered by the destroyed RB equipment more than you are the loss of any real instruments, or musical recordings and whatnot that might have been on hard drives/computers you weren't able to save. Toys can be replaced cheaply and easily; actual equipment, not so cheap; Compositions, sketches and art, not cheap and definitely not easy.

    Either way, that's a huge bummer. Here's hoping things turn out for the better.
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