Spidey's Birthday

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That's right friends and forum goers - it's our buddy, UltimateSpidey81's birthday!

Feel free to post messages on his profile - I'm sure he'll love it.

In celebration of my younger, sluttier brother from another mother's birthday I feel it necessary to share some completely true facts about our surly and sarcastic friend.

1 - Spidey is the top salesman for the Fleshlight in the midwest division, mostly due to his extensive product research.

2 - Spidy spent 3 weeks in juvenile detention for stealing baseball cards. He was trying to find the Donruss '89 Mark Grace card.

3 - Spidey holds the US record for consecutive gonorrhea infections. He's very proud.

4 - Spidey owns a unicycle... but no seat for it.

5 - Spidey has been married two times. Once to a dude.

6 - Spidey's favorite food is Kimchi.

7 - Spidey has only one tattoo. It reads "free parking in rear"

8 - Spidey wears adult diapers to combat his incontinence.

9 - Spidey is wanted by the Canadian government for crimes against nature.

10 - Spidey has made 13 widely publicized sex tapes. They're all out of publication now (refer to fun fact #9)

Happy Birthday Buddy!


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