I think the end of Rock Band is near dude... but I KNOW Daxx is awesome!

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Hogan2000 has something on his mind bruther that I need to tell the rock band community about dude.

I was at work and I was thinking last night dude. 12 hours of work will do that to you bruther.

Lets face it bruther. The new gen console will be coming out in the next two years, if not sooner pal. The Wii U is already coming out at the end of the hoilday season or early next year pal.

I do not think Harmonix will make a new Rock Band game for the next gen consoles bruther. Although Rock Band has a fanbase bruther I don't think it will be enough to convince Harmonix to make another Rock Band for future consoles dude.

Let's look at the history bruther.

We use to get 5 to 8 songs a week bruther. Now it's 3 pal.

We use to get Packs we could buy dude like ACDC, Lego and Green Day pal.

We haven't had a pack disk since Green Day dude.

They invented this new game dude that you play with the controller pal. Cutting cost on making new instruments I guess pal.

In my opinion dude. Rock Band is headed to it's end bruther. Not to sound like a punk or anything pal I'm just looking around at what's going on dude.

It would sadden me if at E3 this year they announce the new gen consoles bruther. That would give us and estimate of how much time we have with Rock Band dude.

I'm not saying Harmonix is closing it's doors pal. I'm just saying that maybe it's time they step away from Rock Band and create a fresh new music game for the new gen consoles bruther. Maybe that's what they're doing now dude. I don't know pal . Something that's not dealing with Rock Band or Dance Central dude. These two games are played out bruther. Don't get me wrong pal, I love playing Rock Band dude. I've been playing it since 2009 dude. I just don't see it right now pal.

Thanks for reading bruthers.


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