Who wants more songs by Deadlock?

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Hello Rock Band Players!

I have a question:
There are someone who want's more songs by Deadlock for RBN?
Yes? OK then please post me your top 5 songs you most want.
Why? On the 23rd of June I will meet the band Deadlock again and I will ask them if they send 2 or more songs to RBN again. Which means that it is not sure that they say yes. But Deadlock is on the Rock Band Dashboard Facebook apps "this week's wishlist" in the top 5 since one week. :) So I want to know what song's you want!!

OK now give me your most wanted songs by Deadlock! :)

This are my Top 5:

1. Code of Honor (Album: Wolves, Year: 2007, Playtime: 4:27)
2. Awakend By Sirens (Album: Earth.Revolt, Year: 2005, Playtime: 5:25)
3. 10.000 Generations In Blood (Album: Earth.Revolt, Year: 2005, Playtime: 8:04)
4. Virus Jones (Album: Bizarro World, Year: 2011, Playtime: 4:59)
5. Earthlings (Album: Bizarro World, Year: 2011, Playtime: 3:41)


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