Expert Drummer/Bassist looking for other expert players to jam with

TobyPMTobyPM Unsigned
edited August 2012 in Playstation 3
I'm not looking for a band, i just want to be able to log on to PSN and say, hey wanna play some rock band?

I'm looking for people that play on expert, have a fair amount of DLC and preferably lots of metal songs.

Add me - TPM4594


  • CrimsongCrimsong Unsigned
    edited August 2012
    I was a GH fan before i bought rock band 2 which i love! sadly i don't have plenty of dlc but i garantee that i'm really good on guitar, drum and bass. I play on expert on these instruments and have 5 gold starred songs like ride the lightning, and justice for all, lucretia and i can go on!

    ADD ME : Crimson194 In the future i will buy more dlcs
    PS : At this time i only have RB2
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