Saving Hope

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Did anyone in here watch Saving Hope last Thursday? I don't know why, but I really enjoyed the pilot. There's not much great TV on now, so I'm happy to have a new character drama to dive into. And Michael Shanks.

I think what I like so far is that despite it's supernatural twist, it seems a little more grounded than the average medical drama. Bonus: Michael Shanks.

I also cried like six times just in the first episode, so they clearly know how to manipulate my emotions. With Michael Shanks.


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    If you're actually interested in the show, the pilot is up on the NBC site (and at the CTV site for our Friends in the North). It didn't have commercials when I watched it, but I used the embedded player on the US version of their Facebook fan page. I'm pretty sure that's the same video file as the NBC site, so no guarantees if you watch the Canadian version.
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