The Story of ME... surprise ending!!

HMXmattitudeHMXmattitude Harmonix Developer
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Oh hi everybody!

It's been a while but I just had to come back and share my little tale with you. Some of you may know some of this already. Some may not. But it's a doozy!

Here goes...

Boy plays Rock Band. Boy loves Rock Band. Boy posts on Boy meet HMXHellion. Boy marries HMXHellion.

But here's the real zinger...

Boy gets job in the Playtest team at Harmonix!

And this brings us up to speed. Quite a tale, eh?

Rest assured, I have not forgotten my roots on these very forums. I wouldn't have stuck around here if you all weren't such an awesome group, and thus, my tale would have been over much quicker. So I thank you all for your unbridled radness.


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