We're you parents against video games growing up?

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This is just for my amusement bruther.

My parents hated video games and anything that had to do with taking away outside time bruther. If it wasn't productive or having to do with going outside then it was a waste of time or money dude. The was back in 1992 bruther :)

So one christmas they ask me what I wanted and I said a super nintendo bruther...

My parents gave me that, (oh hell no) look bruther. They asked me what would a super nintendo do for you in the future pal... I couldn't think of an answer dude.. I didn't get my super nintendo that year and I was pissed as hell bruther. All the clothes I got for christmas dude I pee'd on them pal. I looked at them and said, "What would clothes do for me in the future dude?" Well my dad whopped my ass pal and sent me to bed. I did get my super ninendo in 1995 pal. It was the greatest thing ever dude. Until the playstation came out bruther.

We're your parents against gaming pal?


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