Paul McCartney's birthday photoshop contest! Ends 6/19

Since today is Paul McCartney's birthday (the big 7-0!) we dug some fun stuff out of storage for a giveaway. We found these 5 awesome TB:RB mini posters that were actually booth elements from E3 in 2009. They measure about 24"x24" and are super thin, like almost light box style material. I believe these were mounted on a light fixture so they would glow up real nice. Also, they were show used, so there's a bit of wear, just some scratches and whatnot, but they're still cool as all get out.

Anyway, we'll give the whole set away to someone with some fantastic photoshop chops. All you have to do is hit up the links below, find pictures of the HMX Community Team (i.e. me, Drake, Pope, Jessa, Annette or Nick) and photoshop us on to pictures of The Beatles. Jessa will be our final arbiter of taste, and people can submit photos until 6pm EST tomorrow and we'll pick a winner then.

The links below should have all the info you need. So get cracking, you've got about 24 hours!


Here are all the amazing / terrifying entries we received:

www1221’s entry:

daxx1970’s entries:

kitlerc’s entry:

dragoninforcer’s entry:

carlopez3’s entry:

dcalbie’s entry:

charlie sheen’s entry:

jaganboy's entry:

And, after much careful deliberation, Jessa's winner is... CHARLIE SHEEN! She gave bonus points for using the whole team, editing the title of the album and also the creepy face Nick is making looking at Drake's head in his lap. Well done! Shoot me a PM with your mailing address (name, address, city, state, zip, all that good stuff) and I'll get things packed up for you ASAP.

We had a ton of fun with this and may have to do more random giveaways like this in the future. Thanks all for sending photos!


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