Choose Your Own Daily Adventure Thread (LHV Edition)

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Rules are the same as last time, but now with new adventures with new characters and yadda yadda yadda.

Okay, for this setup, you all are stranded in what looks like the remains of your town, surrounded by what look like dead bodies and androids everywhere. You have no idea what has happened, but for some reason you feel as if you must overthrow the robot empire and let humanity rule Earth again.

Day 1:

So you wake up in the middle of a diserted battlefield. All that surrounds you is rubble and bodies, both human and android. You must overthrow the robot army.

What do you do:

1. Charge headfirst to the base, despite the fact that it's heavily guarded and surrounded by the most powerful lasers on Earth.
2. Try to explore the surrounding area for weapons and defensive gear first.
3. Stay and the village and scavage for all the things you can now have, like free TV and ice cream.
4. Random cave


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