Rock Band Blitz "Wishlist" for remaining 10 songs

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I can't call these predictions, for I have no rhyme or reason for why these would be the songs. But I would really like to see these 10 songs on Blitz, or some time in the near future for DLC.

"Bleed It Out" - Linkin Park
"I Hate Myself for Loving You" - Joan Jett
"Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel
"Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" - AC/DC
"Demolition Man" - Sting/The Police
"Hollaback Girl" - Gwent Stefani
"Jet Airliner" - Steve Miller Band
"Dancing Through Sunday" - AFI
"Can't Stop" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"If Everyone Cared" - Nickelback

(Oh, and I would have chosen "The Take's Over, the Break's Over" for the Fall Out Boy song and "Believe" for the All-American Rejects song)


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