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Is it possible to get Lookout Records stuff in the game?
I see they were an independent label, but they are now defunct.

They had tons of artists like:

Alkaline Trio
Green Day
The Mr. T Experience
Big Rig
Citizen Fish
The Donnas
Operation Ivy
Engine Down
The Vagrants

Anyone to contact on that front?


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    I did some minor research, but from what I already kno0w off-hand, the label didn't get any of the rights, either publishing or masters, to stuff released through it for couple bands I see on their roster (Samiam, for example). This leads me to believe that just about all of them are in the same situation where the mateial released through them belongs to the band, unless, like Green Day, the band got signed to a major afterwards that absorbed the band's rights to the material. Here's a breakdown of my looking into this:

    Alkaline Trio - No releases accredited to Lookout!
    The Donnas - First four albums, the rest is Atlantic, except their 2007 album, which is on other independent labels
    Fuel - Just a 1990 EP, masters are probably on tape
    Operation Ivy - Only old stuff, masters are most likely on tape
    Parasites - Only a 1997 EP
    Rancid - 1992 EP, have since been on Epitaph, which might have done the Green Day thing
    Screeching Weasel - A few mid to early 90's EPs and albums

    Another thing to consider is the possibility that, even though the label didn't get the rights, the band might have a publisher who would own the rights to the music instead of the band. The main issue that I can see with these bands is that the material they released was from the 90's and RBN requires masters in a digital format, and digital didn't really become the primary recording format until with the last couple years, which means that the songs would either have to be re-recorded or transferred to a digital format, which is expensive even if you already own all the equipment. Then, also, since the masters are so old, they might be damaged or just lost or recorded in a way that makes them unusable (multiple instruments on one track, bleeding stems, etc.). This has been a major deal breaker for me with really big bands (well, big by RBN standards).

    Fortunately, some of these are now on Fat Wreck, which TAG is working with, and Donnas seems semi-viable.
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    I've always wanted some Op Ivy and early Rancid, but I agree that masters are probably nonexistent, if not simply unusable.
  • DangimarockerDangimarocker Headliner
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    Still worth a try maybe, never know :)
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