Celebrating the Rock Band Network

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With the recent milestone reached, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on what RBN has brought to the game for you. In my case, a lot of bands that I had never heard of that I got exposed to, and a few artists I never expected to see in the game - including one of my top 5 artists of all time.

Favorites I never thought I'd see.
All the Classical music, Buckner and Garcia, JoCo and Ayreon - the last being the one I mentioned above.

Bands I really like that I never would have heard of if it wasn't for Rock Band Network:
Amberion Dawn, Halcyon Way, Inkubus Sukkubus, Pythia, Rishloo, Rose of Jericho and Scratching the Itch.... and likely some others. I've purchased multiple albums and songs because of it. :D

So cheers and hats off to RBN for making the game so much better, and exposing the open minded to cool new music.


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    RB and then the RBN has exposed me to so many new bands, genres that I didn't listen to before, and really helped to broaden my musical tastes. Really it's kept me from being that stereotypical 'old guy' that only listens to the music that was popular when I was a teenager/early twenty somethings and getting stuck in the (insert decade here).

    Aside from that even though I started out as just another fan of the game like everyone else here, the RBN led to me starting TAG which has not only allowed me to work with some of my favorite bands , but also help new incredibly awesome bands like Rishloo, Halcyon Way, Strikken, Sunny Side Up...(I could go on and on), get their music heard by others.

    I can't express how awesome the entire RB experience (and that includes RBN obviously) for me, and I can honestly say that if I live to be a hundred that there never will be another game that will even come close to having the same effect on me as this single 'game' series has.

    Here's to the future of RBN and RB!
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    I gotta say congrats to all the RBN Authors and all the people involved. Great job and here's to more kick-ass tracks in the future.
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    I think I've gotten into more bands from the RBN this year than from HMX DLC, and that's arguably more indicative of what the RBN can do. While territorial differences kept me from the RBN for too long, I eventually got in and I'm as invested as ever. Been a bit of a rocky road, though, let's not deny that.
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    RBN is a pretty amazing achievement in the world of gaming, and while I wish more major bands/labels chose to use it to distribute their material over the years, nobody can dispute the fact that this has been a great thing for smaller bands/labels to expose their music to this gaming audience.

    The amount of forward thinking that was done when building out this framework is really, really impressive.
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    If it weren't for the RBN, I'd be the close-minded pop/metalcore kid I was before it. Great idea, and it really paid off!
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