Okey let's try this again.

AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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Hi guys, I am looking for people who has about the same DLCs/RBNs as me, WITH KEYS, as I play Pro Keyboard. I am currently ranked 39th on the RB3 total score leaderboards. I am getting better everyday. Notable scores: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting 11th, Free Bird 16th, Centerfold 6th (FC), Dead end Friends (7th, -2). I have other notable scores but I don't remember them all :). I am manly looking for people to do scores, and thus even if I have over 250 songs with Keys, I want to get my band scores of the on disc songs up, which means I need Pro Guitarists, Pro Drummers WITH Pro guitar upgrades, and of course, Harmonies, Tho I'd also look forward to get good band scores on DLCs as well, since not every DLCs has Pro Guitar (sadly), I also need GOOD basic guitar Players (top100 on-disc songs preferred). Thanks in advance. Informations are all in signature (Scores, DLCs, PSN).

EDIT: Forget about my free bird rank, I beated it, I am now 12th! Forget also my Dead End Friends rank, I am now 5th! -1 -.-. Forget also my RB3 Rank, I am now 37th! Soon to be 36th!

EDIT#2: Forget my rank, I am now 35th :)

EDIT#3: Wow, I actually re-beated my Free Bird score, 717k, 11th! I also beated my Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting score, I'm now 9th!

EDIT#4: Forget my rank! I am now 27th!

EDIT#5: Forget my Dead end Friends rank, now 4th! I'm very near the FC!

EDIT#6: Forget my rank, now 26th! And also I GSed Saturday Night's Alright for Friday, with 653k, now 7th!


  • TheDescentTheDescent Road Warrior
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    I can play expert harmonies and expert pro drums, but I'm not planning to get pro guitar upgrades until I actually get a pro guitar (which won't happen soon).

    You can add me, PSN The_Descent_

    GMT+1 btw, and I usually have connection issues... but maybe we can try to jam sometimes.
  • Orlando_BlooOrlando_Bloo Unsigned
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    I'm an expert drummer. I have 300+ DLC as well as Lego, RB1, Green Day and RB2 exported. I have 69 1st place scores on my songs according to rock band leaderboards and rockbandscores.com. I am EST and play mostly during the day and sometimes at night. My PSN is Orlando_Bloo , thank you.
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    I'm adding you two now.

    Are the Pro Guitarists hiding?
  • Kona-chanKona-chan Unsigned
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    I can play expert guitar/bass and have about 626 songs my user name is blitz2278
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    Added, BTW all of the above about my skills is wrong. I'm now 21st :).
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    Sorry to you both, but I deleted you, you don't have enough DLC with keys and you're taking spaces in my friend list... it was full and I needed the space so I did some cleanup and deleted people without or a few keys DLC in common with me with the exception of pro guitarists.

    All right, I still need people with DLC in common with me, if unsure, look in my signature, I have a DLCQP account (www.dlcquickplay.com). I also need you to play on expert and have a decent skill level (over 95 if basic instruments or harmonies, over 80 on pro (except pro drums, 90) according to facebook app) so we can actually get decents scores and maybe 1sts band scores, which is what I'm aiming for. I'm getting pretty good on pro keys (20th RB3 on-disc and 14th total) so I can always practice a song on demand for scoring purposes. Thanks in advance, I hope to find good players with good ammount of DLC among you guys.
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