I feel bad...

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...that not everyone gets to enjoy the Reported Posts that Jib's flags.

There are quite a few posters who deserve thanks for diligently reporting spam, out of place threads and trolling (SheSaidSheSaid, ClaptonsWig, Lowlander2 and LiveHomeVideo to name just a few), but it's Jib's comments in the "Reasons for reporting" that make them must read material.

jibjqrkl" said:
he's a spaaambot, spaaaambot on the floor.
and he's spamming like he never spammed before! :3
jibjqrkl" said:
gimme an S
gimme a P
gimme an A
gimme a M
gimme a B
gimme an O
gimme a T
what does that spell?

Just wanted to post a public thanks, since Reported Posts usually mean that something is wrong and needs fixing, so having a personal note or something that elicits a chuckle helps make them a lot more enjoyable.


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