Weird-News Video: Godzilla Forcasted for July 4

arniejoltarniejolt Weird-Huey Lewis
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I guess they couldn't wait for April 1...or did they miss it by a few months...

...Just watch the video. Yeah, yeah, seems legit, big eyes, big eyes...

EDIT: Funny, the link works for me I don't know what ClaptonsWig's problem is.


  • ClaptonsWigClaptonsWig I Can't Dance
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    Bird Calls

    Sorry, that video won't load for me so I got a different one.
  • AzureAngel17AzureAngel17 In Space!
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    My local CBS! A few things of note:

    This isn't a new video, it only just went viral during the heat wave and derecho that hit this area last week. The meteorologist in the video (the amazingly named Aaron Justus) was leaving WTVR for a job at a brewery in SoCal, so he made a bunch of crazy weather graphics in his last week at the station. At some point he recorded this spoof forecast, but it never aired. This all happened June 2011, then it went viral when user "FakeNBC12" found the video and posted it to youtube last week.

    We weatherpeople SO CRAZY!
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