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Hello there. I'm back. For this post I thought I would ask the people of the forums about the first time they played The Beatles: Rock Band. What was your reaction to the game, and were you a Beatles fan when you first played it? The first time I Played this game was back in mid to late 2009. I was not a Beatles fan when I first played the game. I had heard of the Beatles, and I was aware of their reputation as the greatest band ever, but I hadn't really heard anything from them except "Hello Goodbye", which I thought was a good song. So I played the game and I was blown away. The music was among the best I had ever heard. And their were several songs in the game I had heard before, but I was not aware they were written by the Beatles (Getting Better for example, I had only heard Smash Mouth's god awful cover of this great song). After playing the game and loving it, I spent the next few months purchasing the remastered records and The Beatles became my favorite band of all time. And it's thanks to this great and beautifully crafted game that I am such a massive Beatles fan. Sad that further DLC for this game has become so unlikely, I would have loved to play my favorite Beatles song, Across the Universe. So that's my story, feel free to add your The Beatles: Rock Band stories. P.S. sorry about the lack of paragraphs, I typed this post on an iPhone and do not know how to paragraph.


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    The first time I played TB:RB was on it's release date. Both of my regular RB friends were over and we played the game nearly all night! I thought the game was great and still do. Our only complaint was the note highway when overdrive (Beatlemania) was activated, since we missed notes that we couldn't see due to the overdrive activation (and is still my only complaint with the game.

    The Beatles have my favorite band for as long as I can remember (I was born in 1971). The first computer program I wrote (on an Apple IIc in 1988) was a program to catalog their albums and music.
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    Wow, 118 views and only one response. I must be on a lot of people's ignore list. Either that or my thread just sucks.
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    caflagel;4808366 said:
    Wow, 118 views and only one response. I must be on a lot of people's ignore list. Either that or my thread just sucks.
    Lol probably not that its a bad questions just alot of people have talked about this stuff already.
    I bought the game late almost when it was about to die. Sadly as you said I was expecting more DLC for the game and thought i was getting in at rise instead of the peak.
    When I first played it I think I played half the game out and finished it the next night, just loved everything about the game from the intro to the venues etc. The Beatles have always been 1 of my favorate groups and I have almost every LP they have put out and have about half the collection on CD now. I dont have the remasters though.

    It sometimes is as painful to come here knowing that there will be no new content as it was when I first heard they had broken up as a group.
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    Bought the "Value Edition" band pack for $75 at Kmart. I was another person who didn't know the game was on its way out at that point. Oh, well. Wound up buying the Limited Edition for the same price a little later on as my son got one that Xmas and I liked the extra stuff that came with it, plus the wireless drums. Bought all the DLC.

    I enjoyed the game. It's too bad there wasn't more DLC, as I would have played it more had there been. I got bored with playing the available tracks over and over, so I don't really play the game at all anymore. But it is the game that got me into the RB series overall.
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    I was not a fan of the band when the game came out. I had probably heard a few of the band's songs before but did not really get deep into they're music. I rented the game at first probably a few weeks after its release, played through the story mode and was kind of interested but I don't think I was necessarily hooked to they're music.

    Early 2010, I went ahead and got Abbey Road just for listening sake. This was a really huge step in my attraction to the band. At this point, I can't remember if I got more albums or the game next, but then I was really hooked. I played the game constantly over the mainstream titles, put the DLC at the top of my priority, and got every one of their studios albums, anthologies, and whatever other music I could get my hands on. I even started expanding into collectables, grabbing several posters (Let It Be, Abbey Road, Andy Warhol, and a Linda McCartney photograph), books, photo books and magazines ranging through the band as well as solo members, and even a vinyl copy of Abbey Road, probably one of my most prized collections.

    Yep, that's my story. :)
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    My first time with Beatles Rock Band was on day of release, 09/09/09. It was my first ever "guitar" game, and I was very impressed with the attention to detail in the game, as well as the instruments. I had the limited edition with the Hofner bass and Pearl drums, though I also ended up buying the Rickenbacker and Gretsch. (Although the game didn't support all those instruments, I am a collector by nature.) I have been a Beatles fan since my early childhood, and The Beatles Rock Band is the perfect game for the best rock band ever.
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    My first time was when I was at my friend's house for Halloween and everyone was crowded around a TV so I went to see what they were all looking at. There, everyone was taking turns playing Beatles:Rock Band so I'm like "Okay, I'll have a go". I fell in love with the game.
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    Iam now 17 and i first played the game on the release day. I have been a die hard Beatles fan most of my life and hearing a game focusing on their music to me was brilliant. My sis has always been a guitar hero fan and the music on those games wasn't really up my alley so i had to have it. I pre-orded the limited edition bundle right after the e3 announcement. Got the game on release day invited a friend over and just fell in love with the game and other rock band titles. Since then i have bought rb2, lrb, and i pre-orded all the new peripherals,except the fender squier, for rb3 as soon as I heard it was coming out. This game was the catalyst that really pushed me into the music game genre and I'am sad to see it has died away along with the worldwide desire for these fantastic games. I hope HMX keeps at it, i just wish they would get some more Beatles, solo Beatles, and other classic 50's, 60's and 70's jams.
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    I first played the game in walmart, back when they set up the games so people could demo them. I only wanted to play one song, Come Together because I am into Aerosmith and that was the only song they covered that was on the game.

    I started renting it until purchasing the game made more sense than renting it over and over. I am now a die hard Beatles fan who has purchased all their albums and most post-beatles solo albums
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    Something like this was always a hope. When it finally happened, it was like a dream come true. It still seems like a dream, but, it's not.
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