Rhythm Authors Podcast July Giveaway!

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Hey Folks!

Have you been listening to the Rhythm Authors podcast? If not, you should be! To show you what you might be missing, we are beginning a monthly giveaway for podcast listeners, and msp codes are on the line.

If you're interested in winning some codes, or perhaps just getting your name on the podcast, here's how the giveaway breaks down.

[*]There are two ways to qualify:
[LIST=a][*]Enter a score on this battle which contains 3 of the songs talked about on this month's episode.
[*]Play a song talked about in this month's podcast and e-mail proof (image must contain gamertag & song title) to [email]podcast@RhythmAuthors.com[/email] *one entry per song
[*]Both entries will end as the battle ends roughly one week from today.
[*]Listen to the mid-month Rhythm Authors Podcast episode (July 16th) where I will randomly select one person from the e-mail entries and one from the battle entries to receive a 160msp code, each.
[*]Winners will be contacted via XBL or e-mail depending on the method of submission.


This first two instances of this giveaway will be announced on forums. Future competitions will be announced on the start of the month podcasts, such as this month's July 2nd episode. Unfortunately, these giveaways are XBOX only since both the method of competition and rewards are XBOX specific.

Keep in mind, the more songs you have from RA's recent catalog the better your chances of winning! Hope to see lots of entries before we record our first video mid-month podcast next week!
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