The Unoffical RBN Demos Trailer Thread

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Hey I was debating this but thought it would be cool to have a thread where I can just post the trailers let yall talk about them and give any ideas yall want. I will try to have a trailer of the RBN songs that are announce each week up for yall. And always looking for suggestions. Because I might post Ideas on here to get feedback before doing it.

Here are the songs for the week of July 5th
Xbox Trailer 07/05/2012
PS3 Trailer 07/10/2012

Yes I know my playing is bad on certain songs, but its all for fun. And yes they are the demos you get for free, if i could afford to buy all the awesome songs on the RBN I would.

But here is some ideas I had or trying to do will update if I think of more or if yall think of any.
Idea 1:
Feature members of the Rock Band Community's Characters in the trailers as band members to the band.
Mostly just tell me how to create your character and what instrument and system you play on. And just have the special guest characters for the week or can become a permanent fixture to the band if the Community chooses.

Idea 2:
Each month have a Best Of Trailer for each system with songs that receive the most votes from the Rock Band Community.
This idea is basically I would post a thread for the Best Of and the community will pick three songs, mostly their are way to many songs to do the poll, but anyways the three songs I see that get the most votes in the week following the end of the month I will put in a Trailer for each system. Maybe we can even stretch it and do it as a little award show, and give the authors some love too. Basically would love to give back to the guys that make some of the unknown bands known and love. A big thank you.

If you like the ideas let me know, or any questions also let me know, I am always up for feedback and like to make these trailers better for yall and always up for new ideas. As I believe that is the focus of social media, and having fun do it.


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