Looking for anyone to play with.

catacalismacatacalisma Unsigned
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Looking for pretty much anyone to play with; barely can find anyone to play with on PS3. I play expert drums sometimes expert pro drums if the cymbals aren't being too finicky. I mainly play in the classic rock genre but also metal. Big Rush fan so don't be surprised if you play with me there will probably be a song or two of Rush in the setlist. Add me, and lets have some fun.

(BTW, I do not have a microphone for my PS3; sorry.)

PSN: Catacalisma


  • james8929james8929 Unsigned
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    add me james9829 i have a few hundred DLC ! and love Rush ! Neil Peart is from a town that is only 15 mins from me port dalhouise !
  • milo1025milo1025 Unsigned
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    Add me info is below. And i don't have a lot of dlc but i would still like to jam out
  • Lord_GodotLord_Godot Unsigned
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    I have most of the Rush DLC, and quite a lot of songs.
    I play Expert for Bass/Guitar.
    My ID Is "Lord_Godot", should you want to jam.
  • Buzzkill_1970Buzzkill_1970 Unsigned
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    Add me if you like. I play expert guitar/bass on most songs, but some of the harder songs still kick my butt at that level so I'll drop down to hard and put up high 90%'s. I also play pro drums, mostly on hard but can tackle some of the easier tier 0, 1 and maybe tier 2 songs on expert and still put up reasonable %'s. Can sing Green Day (hard) but not much else so I seldom bother with the mic. Don't own a keyboard, don't care if I ever do given the current state of keyboard content.

    I have all disc based track packs, and about 100 other DLC, mostly rock/punk. 800+ songs total. I can't say that I've got much additional Rush DLC, but I know there a couple of Rush tunes in my library somewhere.

    I don't play often, or at regular intervals, but when I do play it's usually a long haul, and I'm often play alone so rarely reject invitations. I'll be on most often on weekends in the evening/late night. I tend to drink (just a teeny bit, at least it starts out that way) when I play. While this doesn't necessarily negatively affect my playing skill, it greatly affects how much I care about the score. I become much more interested in showmanship than 200 note streaks.
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    Add me if you have a decent ammount of DLCs with keys. Don't go too hard with Rush with me, besides Subdivisions there is not alot of fun parts on keys!
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