"Rockbandscores" for Beatles?

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I loved this title so much when it came out, I'm trying to understand why I stopped playing it once Rock Band 3 came out. Near as I can figure, I'm just really obsessed with improving my scores and rankings on each instrument, and the site rockbandscores.com (plus the Leaderboards links on this site) makes it really easy to do this for play on RB3. I find myself really motivated, every week, to try and get some impressive listings on my "Top 3 Rock Band Performances of the Week" posted to my Facebook page.

Now, obviously I'll never be able to expect that the same could be done for this game, at this point. But I can't think of any technical reason why I wouldn't be able to collect the same stats for TB:RB, since I can see that all the scores are being collected and stored by the game, and ranked against others. Now I can't see myself going through and manually entering my score and ranking for each song, on each instrument, into a spreadsheet. So is there any other place where I could get easy access to this data? Did this site used to have a Leaderboards link for the Beatles version of the game, back when it was the most recent release? I'd love to be able to estimate what my "signature performance" is within the game, based on my approximation of the formula used on this site.


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    There used to be a site that had this info, and it was well presented but due to the limited amount of people it appealed to and lack of funding made the person close it down.

    Sometimes I wish HMX would make a better website for score comparisons, since it only helps to encourage people to play the game and potentially purchase additional DLC. However it feels that HMX prefer you to only see this competitive information in-game. Even the RB3 website scores leave a lot to be desired.
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    Are the online TBRB leaderboards even working anymore?
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    Oh man, that would be really disappointing, if even the "spend a whole week entering the data by hand" option was no longer possible. I'll have to check it out tonight. Listen for my screams at about 7pm Eastern.

    Harmonix seems to be well aware of how motivating it is for people to try and beat the scores set by their friends, since bragging about performances on Facebook seems to be a huge part of the Blitz design.
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    r0bd0g;4818468 said:
    Are the online TBRB leaderboards even working anymore?

    I think they are
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