Tommy vs Quadrophenia?

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The two full Rock Operas made by The Who. Great pieces of art, however the feel of both albums is very different when compared. So which do you prefer?

Which was the best overall?

Which had the best story?

Which had the best movie?


  • ClaptonsWigClaptonsWig I Can't Dance
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    Overall: Tommy

    Story: Quadrophenia

    Movie: Tommy
  • Rocket2RussiaRocket2Russia Road Warrior
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    Both are stuffy and overlong, but Quadrophenia didn't completely lose me at any point, so that one, I guess.
  • RosaFloydGuyRosaFloydGuy Road Warrior
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    Best: Quadrophenia
    Story: Quadrophenia
    Movie: Tommy
  • blahblahunicornxblahblahunicornx Unsigned
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    This is hard for me as The Who are my favorite band of all time.
    I'm going to have to go with 'too different to compare.'

    Tommy is the most thought provoking of the operas just via storyline alone.
    You can listen to [and watch] Quadrophenia and just think it's about a typical teenager, you would never really get the whole '4 personalities, etc. etc.' thing without really playing into it or reading about it.
    Whereas with Tommy you KNOW a general idea of the craziness going on and it MAKES you want to read about it.

    I hate to do this because like I said before I'm going with the too different to compare, but I would have to say, studio album wise, Quadrophenia takes the cake.
    In the words of John Entwistle : "Kit made it [Tommy] sound like Keith [Moon] was beating on a bunch of f***ing biscuit tins."

    However, Tommy LIVE [not just on Leeds, but in general] is more of a competitor because live it was simply the most amazing thing anyone could experience. I'd say Tommy live infinitely beats out Quadrophenia live.

    So I guess it falls like this :
    Live : Tommy
    Studio : Quadrophenia

    And comparing those two in their respective avenues, they are in fact, too different to compare.
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