Weird-News: Tampon ad slammed for using the 'V' word

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Lesee about giving the word filter a bit of a workout...

Carefree has been forced to defend its new ad that shows a naked woman and uses the words "vaginal discharge", saying it is a celebration of the female body.

The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) received complaints about the ad for Acti-Fresh liners as soon as it was launched last night.

In the ad a naked young woman discusses vaginal discharge in a white room, her body artfully hidden behind a bunch of white flowers.

Campaign spokeswoman Debbie Selikman said the company wanted to cut through the taboo surrounding the word vagina.

"It’s the first time a major brand has had the guts to use real words, not euphemisms or diminutive terms," Ms Selikman said.

...Huh, how about that, filter wasn't even bothered by it...Anyway, the rest of the article at 9MSN:


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