Weird-News: Single Tank of Gas: $84,000

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Three Tanks of Gas: Around $143,000.

Reaction when getting the bill: Priceless.

There are new developments surrounding an $84,000 charge for a single tank of gas.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates first revealed the story on Wednesday, but it turns out that Ray Crockett was not the only person slapped with an outrageous charge by Mapco.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates has now found others facing the same troubles, yet Mapco has been unwilling to answer questions about exactly what's causing the problem.

In fact, NewsChannel 5 Investigates has now confirmed that at least three Mapco customers have been seriously overcharged at area Mapco stations.

"That is insane. That is just beyond mind-blowing crazy," Nikki Johnson told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Johnson was at the Mapco on Memorial Boulevard in Murfreesboro on Saturday.

"I bought a coffee drink, and I pre-paid for gas," she recalled.

Johnson paid $22.47 with her debit card.

But her bank statement shows she was charged $58,278.35.

When she showed friends, their reaction was, "What in the world? Did you buy the Mapco?"

There was Ray Crockett who spent $30 for a tank of gas on Friday at a Mapco in Donelson. As NewsChannel 5 Investigates reported Wednesday, his bank statement shows he was charged $84,522.54.

And the same thing happened to another customer at a Mapco in Hermitage on July 4th. He bought $10 worth of gas and was charged $84,073.85.

In all three cases, the banks processed the charges, effectively cleaning out the customers' accounts and leaving them severely overdrawn.

The rest of the article at NewsChannel5:


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