Now that we have a Brony Authoring Group, how about a TROCK Authoring Group?

TylerFGTylerFG Road Warrior
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Trock = Time Lord Rock

Time Lord = A species on Doctor Who, which is what species the title character is

I didn't know whether to put it in Ultimate Setlist or not, so I'll just put it here and let it get moved if it needs too.

I know this seems like a long shot, but I'd love for some Doctor Who related songs to make it on the RBN in the future. But if there was a Trock band to make it, my pick would have to be Chameleon Circuit.

Some of their work.

But still this may seem like a very long shot (Lyrical content and all, what with some songs outright mentioning the characters of the show.) but still, I think it would be nice.


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