just looking for people with alot of songs that might want to play

Kona-chanKona-chan Unsigned
edited July 2012 in Playstation 3
I play expert guitar/bass and have 626 songs (rock band 1,2,lego,green day,) all exported onto rock band 3

My username is blitz2278 and i don't care about your skill level to much but please no easy/medium players but remember it's a casual band used for improving your skills/haveing fun with others that have more then just the basic disc

P.S. I'm having problems linking my psn account to my rockband account which is why i don't have it linked


  • Orlando_BlooOrlando_Bloo Unsigned
    edited July 2012
    Hi. Im an expert drummer on PS3. I have all the exports( RB1, RB2, Green Day, Lego) as well as about 250 dlc. I have 73 1st place scores on the leaderboards. My PSN is Orlando_Bloo

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