Looking for expert players for PS3

TheBonobo4TheBonobo4 Road Warrior
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Hi I'm looking for Expert players who can generally get 5 stars on most songs, exceptions are crazily hard songs. Don't care what you have, if you have lots of DLC that's better obviously. I myself have RB1, RB2, RB3 and about 100DLC songs, making just over 300 in total. I play Expert Guitar/Bass, so I'm looking for basically anyone, but you must be of decent quality, and play quite regularly (once a week at least ideally).

PSN: TheBonobo4
Country: UK (GMT)

I do have a headset, if anyone requires verbal communications whilst playing.


  • eshawmaneshawman Unsigned
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    Your expectations are high.
  • TheBonobo4TheBonobo4 Road Warrior
    edited July 2012
    Not really. Any amount of songs on any instrument, but plays expert to a reasonable standard, and plays RB quite often.

    Or do most people not play Expert?
  • runningdrummerrunningdrummer Opening Act
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    Sure, add me. I play relatively frequently and I play expert at a fairly good level: 5 star most things up to "5 dot" songs on guitar, and 5 star/5GS just about anything on keys, including the hardest songs (some exceptions, such as Chaotrope). I'm (also) luckily really close to your timezone (GMT+1), so that works out well. I have RB3 and about 150-200 or so DLCs, most from the "after RB3" era.

    PSN: Garden_Hero65
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    Add me, all infos in signature.
  • Wave57Wave57 Road Warrior
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    Add me man!

    I play expert on every non pro instrument (Besides drums, and the easier prokeys songs). My best instruments are vocals and drums/prodrums. On vocals I can 5 gold star Good Vibrations and 5 star Bohemian Rhapsody. On drums I can 5/5GS most songs, except for of coursr songs like Llama and Caugh in a Mosh. I aim to play at least 2-3 days a week. I have a summer job though, and my schedule isn't set in stone. But I do have next monday, tuesday, thursday and friday off. I have RB1/RB2
    exports and almost 200 dlc songs. Atm I am trying to get to completionist rank, I currently have 868 million fans and am ranked about 64th in fan count.

    PSN ID: ven_shizuki
  • sunniefiedsunniefied Unsigned
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    add me! sunniefied
    i play mostly guitar on expert but i'd play bass if you want :)
    i sing from time to time but only if i feel like it!
    i play a lot if people are on and tend to play alone if the online is dead -_-
  • CrimsongCrimsong Unsigned
    edited August 2012
    I was a GH fan before i bought rock band 2 which i love! sadly i don't have plenty of dlc but i garantee that i'm really good on guitar, drum and bass. I play on expert on these instruments and have 5 gold starred songs like ride the lightning, and justice for all, lucretia and i can go on!

    ADD ME : Crimson194 In the future i will buy more dlcs
    PS : At this time i only have RB2
  • TheBonobo4TheBonobo4 Road Warrior
    edited August 2012
    I'll add you, though I'd prefer it if you had and imported songs into RB3, since whilst I have RB1 and RB2, I play RB3 almost exclusively, (only play RB2 single player, and never played RB1).
  • CrimsongCrimsong Unsigned
    edited August 2012
    The thing is i bought rb2 used and the manual wasn't included :(
    I might consider to buy a new cheap copy.
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