Anybody still play?? I'm looking for players. (Xbox360)

HoboWithAShotgunHoboWithAShotgun Unsigned
edited July 2012 in The Beatles: Rock Band
So I just started picking up my guitar and started playing Beatles rockband again! So I was wondering if anybody would want to play with me sometime. My GT is H0boWthAShotgun.
Thank you.


  • Sargehalo51Sargehalo51 Road Warrior
    edited July 2012
    I have all the DLC and play expert drums and expert bass. Though generally now I don't play drums that often in TB:RB since the lack of pro-drums now annoys me a bit. But, I'd be happy to play from time to time (I must admit I play Rocksmith and Birds of Steel more than anything at the moment).

    Xbox Live GT: Deuce Meh
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