Gigakoops - First Album on Phase Shift

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Recently I lost the master tracks to everything in my first album, "Gigakoops." So I thought to myself, "What am I going to do? How am I going to release these songs to those that want it?" Then it hit me...

I'll release them for free on Phase Shift instead.

The masters aren't necessary at all for making songs work on this game, so I'm currently posting the RBN charts for my songs on this game. You can go to this thread on the Phase Shift forums and download the songs yourself for absolutely free!

But you may be asking: What's a Phase Shift?!?

Phase Shift is a free game available on the DWSK official website that's a rhythm-match game with guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and even dance. It works similarly to Frets On Fire, only with more features (including Pro Guitar). But on the official site they only promote artists who have given legal permission or are putting the songs on the game for free. Artists so far include Brad Sucks, Nine Inch Nails and Attacking the Mind, among others that are available on the forums.

Now if you want my songs and you play this game, get them now! songs available are Death In General, Night, and Project Unknown, with the rest to be available soon!


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