Looking for BandMates Who like to Play Red Hot Chili Peppers !!!

PlayBoyPapi86PlayBoyPapi86 Unsigned
edited August 2012 in Playstation 3
Hey, Giovanni Here..... I've been playing for some time now. I'm not really expert material except for the vocals.... I also play Pro Drums mostly on hard... I've been looking for some Players who really like The Red Hot Chili Peppers.. Feel Like Starting a Band but don't really know where else to find RockBand BandMates to Play... So I'm Starting this Thread to inform anyone who loves The Red Hot Chili Peppers to join my Band... you can send a message here add your PSN or Send me a message to My PSN... It's SuPerSTAR_Gio... Anyway looking forward to really meeting some realtime Red Hot Chili Pepper Players... ROCK ON !!!
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