Top 100 Hardest Bass FCs in Rock Band

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I apologise if this has been done before, if it has please close/delete this thread.

Hopefully, this thread will serve to show the hardest 100 FCs in the entire Rock Band franchise (all RB1, RB2, RB3, DLC, RBN, LEGO, AC/DC, Green Day songs). Bear in mind this is Bass only, not Pro Bass or any other instrument, and it's FC, not 100% or "pass".

Since I am open to suggestions (obviously), I'll let others discuss this. The way it will work is that someone will say a song they find hard and if I (or someone else) finds it hard then we'll think of putting it in. Also, be specific. Don't say "Move song X up/down". Say where (51st rather than 56th for example) and why (give a reason, like a video of the chart etc). Also, please state where the song comes from, such as DLC, RBN, RB3 etc.

This applies for all here. Don't base this on your ability, but on the song as a whole. If noone has a FC on the song, that will affect its rank. However, if the song has 1 FC but is unpopular, it may be skewed in difficulty due to it's unpopularity etc.

I am no Rock Band God, so chances are I won't have any FCs on any of these songs, but hopefully we can tell a hard song from an easy one.

Hopefully that's clear for everyone. Let's hear some suggestions! :)


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