James William Roy launches The James Rocket

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Once upon a time, in the days before Rock Band 3, when the RBN was new and the possibilities (and revenue) of the Rhythm Game Medium seemed endless, a bold duo joined the vanguard of pioneering musicians and offered up two indie rock songs attributed to the artist James William Roy: "Paper Valentines" and "Shiny Dark Bar".

(Go ahead, look 'em up, we'll wait... What, on PS3? No, sorry. Wii? Nope, sorry again. Pro Drums under RB3? Ermm, well, not really... Wait! Where are you all going? I'm not finished!)

But after that glorious RBN launch honeymoon of March 4 2010, no more JRW tracks were to be charted. Instead, efforts were turned to releasing an actual album based on the collaboration between James and producer/author Markleford Friedman (that's me!), eventually under the official band name The James Rocket (which was originally going to be the title of the solo album).

Ten tracks and two years later, POOF! That album has now finally been released. It's called "Launch", and you can stream it from here for free:


There are some free mp3 downloads to be found there, too. Got links to the Tweeties and the Fastbucks as well, if that's your thing.

So what do we want from you? Just your ears. Give it a listen and see if you dig anything.

Oh, and one more thing: if you want any of these *new* tracks on RBN (or Rock Band Blitz, for that matter! It's RBN-compatible!), drop us a line through your preferred medium (even this thread) with your vote. Naturally, for those who remember the tune from back in the day, we've had an exclusive version of "Paper Valentines" with keyboards sketched out for eventual RBN consumption for quite a while now, and charting the lush harmonies would make it oh-so-sweet!

Thanks for the good times and continued support: no foolin', this band would never have grown without the RBN community! It's just a handful of you fans compared to more popular bands (and believe me, *most* bands are more popular than us!), but we really appreciate it.

- m


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