Seeking an Author for a Song!

b4mvb4mv Opening Act
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Hi guys, I recently started a band with a bunch of friends from my area, Our band name is On Our Last Life. We all work together really well, and things have been going great. At the pace we're going, it looks like we'll be in studio to record our first song pretty soon. [2-4 weeks.]

I'm a die-hard rockband player myself, and I would definitely like to see what singing my own song would be like in rockband. I also think it'll help us get some much needed exposure. Shameless facebook plug.

So what I need is an author I can talk to who would like to tackle our song! Genre wise, we're all over the board. I'm a very metalcore and pop rock influenced vocalist with a good range. Our guitarists are well trained in music theory, heavily into Satriani and Vai, and also dabble in j-rock. Our drummer and bassist are both very into punk music. We also have a female violinist who doubles as our screamer. Who knows what kinda sound we'll have when we're done with this track. :p

I know tag is booked into 2013, anyone else want a song? :]


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