band mates wanted !

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I have a few hundred downloaded songs ! Looking to play with others who have downloads ! scores arnt important ! having fun and liking the music is ! I play pro drums but right now my drum set is not working ! so i am playing either guitar or bass on expert ! im better on bass then guitar ! but will play both ! i play on no fail not because i suck but i like to play and have fun ! dont care about scores all i ask is that you be a somewhat descent player and have fun ! if that sounds good add me and will jam sometime ! in your friend request just write you saw my post on here just so i know who you are and that you have downloads ! i get lots of requests from others i play with ! anyway hope to play with some of you soon and looking forward to it ! add me James9829 :)


  • james8929james8929 Unsigned
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    ps i am also in the eastern time zone ! i live in Ontario Canada near Niagara Falls I play mostly in the evenings but work shift work so i play sometimes during the day ! just want to rock out with like minded people ! hit me up if you wanna jam ! thanks guys and girls ! :)
  • SutoraifuSutoraifu Unsigned
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    Hello! I also prefer playing for fun and enjoying the music.

    I have quite a few dlc, and am working on exporting RB2 songs to RB3.

    I play guitar and am decent on hard, but am trying to improve. I only really have trouble on the dlc songs, and even then it's not often.

    I also live in Canada, though for time I am usually on during the day.

    If you would like to add me my PSN is Sutoraifu. :D
  • NittyhernandezNittyhernandez Unsigned
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    HEy, Ill add you I need a band mate. I usually play for fun and vocal tuning lol. i Primarily sing but i can play the keyboard, guitar, and drums on hard. Not fully expert see ya soon.
  • milo1025milo1025 Unsigned
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    Yea man i play just for fun and for the music too. Add me and we could jam sometime.
  • TheBonobo4TheBonobo4 Road Warrior
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    Add me. PSN: TheBonobo4.

    I'm in UK (GMT) and play Expert Guitar/Bass, but like you play Bass more and am better at it. I play with no fail on and play often. :)
  • CyurusCyurus Unsigned
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    I'm in Western Canada, I play Rb1 and 2 and ACDC and soem random other things atm, I play guitar hard/ bass on expert. Add me: Thrallok909
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