need advice on best drums available for Wii

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Hey, Im buying my son new drums for Wii and need to know the best options out there. I am a drummer and he is 6 yrs old. Ive checked out the ION Rocker and like that I can get the brain for this kit and unplug from WII.. however im not sure what games this kit is compatible with.. other less expensive kits he wears out in no time.. any advice would be helpful.....


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    I use a roland kit. Not ure what other games it works for but pro drums is all i play now and ive tried it with guitar hero and that worked

    I got the kit used for 450. It has lasted me over a year now and im pretty sure i could make a good chunk of my money back if i decided to sell it. Unlike something like the ion kit. Plus i think with the drum rocker you dont get a drum brain. It is just a game controller. Plus it will be console specific as opposed to midi out
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    I use a DTXpress IV Special Edition. Have for three and a half years now; no sign of wearing out. Granted, it's expensive, but I think you could probably get a used IV for anything between $500-$1k, and it should really last you.
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