Need help contacting a band...any authors interested?

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I may have already posted this in another forum but I'm going the more direct approach here hopefully it's the right place
Anyway the band I am trying to get in contact with is Mushroomhead
Now according to wikipedia they've been on Eclipse, Universal, Megaforce, Filthy Hands and "Fifthy Hands" being their own label they've self released stuff on
here's their website contact information
but if that fails thankfully the members of Mushroomhead are incredibly vocal to their fans and others especially second singer Waylon
here's his facebook and the other band members facebooks
of course this is if it's possible for them to come to RBN I just feel with RBN 2.0 it's perfect for their style..harmonies/pro keys fit perfectly with their industrial metal style, thanks again.


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    Self-Bumping here but it's actually worth noting
    As of tonight Mushroomhead and the local bands from ohio are having a music festival for 3 days then after that Mushroomhead is taking a break to work on their new album I believe so they'll be open to contact more I'd imagine.
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    It would be awesome to have some Mushroomhead on Rock Band. They really don't receive enough attention in the amount of work they put into their music. Of course, all that work means EPIC songs to play on RB. I'm with you 100%.
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    Seriously I agree and I'd be willing to pay 10 bucks per song if possible
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    Good News everyone!
    Turns out I messaged "Jeffery Nothing" the long time vocalist of Mushroomhead about the RBN hoping to see if he'd be interested and he messaged back with
    "Thanxx and i'll give it a look."
    Hopefully that turns into a it his solo work or Mushroomhead I'd be very pleased either way and I sent him a message with a list of authoring groups if he or the gang is too keep on the lookout authors!
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