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I've been playing this game for a long time, starting with Guitar Hero back when nobody knew what the hell Guitar Hero is. I'm fully Rock Band now, and finally starting to up really good numbers on expert guitar. Previously I've always mostly strummed my way through HO/PO notes, but now I enjoy playing then without strumming (in most circumstances). Here's my questions for those of you who are really good on guitar/bass.

Do you always hammer on the HO sections, or is it a matter of context?
Do anybody use PO's or do you, like me, just hammer on in the opposite direction?
Does anybody use the "solo buttons" on the squire to play solos?
Does anybody else slide their finger across the frets, rather than tapping or pressing when playing a HO section?

I don't always slide but commonly slide from blue to orange with my pinky, and if the HO is really tight (notes in rapid secession) I'll just slide my primary finger across the frets to play it. It doesn't work all the time, probably because I'm just not that good, but it happens quite naturally so I just go with it.


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    For me, I use the HO/POs unless it's in a fast strumming section, like GGGGGGGGYYYYYYYYYRRRRRRRR etc.
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    If it's a long stream of alt-strumming that starts with a hammer-on each time the note changes, I just keep strumming. Stopping strumming just for that brief moment and then having to start strumming again while also having to make sure I change buttons on the right beat just leaves too much that can go wrong. It works out better for me not to interrupt the strumming rhythm. Though if it's one hammer-on and two strums each time the note changes, I can handle that. I'm also getting better at hammer on, strum, hammer on, strum patterns like the guitar solo in Hysteria.

    If it's a long run of them, I don't strum, also when it's mostly hammer-ons punctuated by an occasional strum.
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