Rock Band friends wanted

musicman030musicman030 Unsigned
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I am looking for bandmates male or female to play some rock band with. The Rock Band games that i have are: Beatles Rock Band, Green Day Rock Band. I also own a lot of Guitar Heros also but usually stick to Rock Band 3. I had to re format my playstation 3 system and lost all my friends and DLC so i just have the in game songs but plan on getting my 500+ songs back in the future. If you want to become my friend please let me know your online ID and i shall add you. Thanks for reading :)


  • boodeanboodean Road Warrior
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    You can add me I had the same problem and know how it is. I piay medium guitar/bass on breakneck speed. I'm not on that much in the summer months cause to much to do in my yard plus I work 8 to 10 hours a day 6 days a week. my psn is boodean look me up.
  • musicman030musicman030 Unsigned
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    Awesome, Thanks a ton, I shall add you. I play Medium guitar/bass also, easy drums, medium vocals. like i said before i only have the in game songs for now but will definitely be getting more as the months go by.
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