What is this fancy new forum?

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Congratulations, you have just entered the Peer-to-Peer support forum!

The first thing to know is that posting in this forum is not a direct line to get you help from Harmonix. We already have a robust Support FAQ and an incredibly in depth Support Portal that generally answer 99% of the questions that come up.

Posting in this forum is a way to get questions answered by other forum users. This can be a great first step if you’re needing help, since the collective hub mind of the Rock Band community can often answer more quickly and outside of business hours. But please do not post in this forum expecting live support from Harmonix.

But my super awesome thread has disappeared? How can I search for my answers?

We have done our best to migrate over any threads we thought were still helpful. If we’ve overlooked topics/threads that are valuable to keep around, we can try to bring them back from the archive.

I don’t want help from my peers. How do I talk to Harmonix?

You can reach Harmonix by submitting a ticket in our Support Portal: http://support.rockband.com .

I don't want to talk to any person at all. I just want information.

That's fine! You can search this forum to see what people have already said. Or you can head over to our Support Portal to browse our Knowledgebase. That'll give you all the convenience of knowledge without the hassle of talking to anyone ever. If you can't find your answer there, you can then either come back here to chat or submit a question to Harmonix support at the portal.


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    There are a ton of helpful community members and volunteer mods here on the Rock Band forums, and we'll try to help track some of those names in this thread as a resource to new posters looking for help with specific issues. Keep posted!
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