If you are having DLC issues

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If purchased content has disappeared from your history, you feel you were incorrectly charged for a transaction, or you are having any other issue related to your account and purchasing/downloading, it most likely is an issue you need to discuss with the customer support for your console (Harmonix does not manage accounts, transactions, nor do we host the download files).

If you aren’t sure, you can ask here for peer suggestions or submit a ticket and we’ll help you figure out where to go via our Support Portal.

90% of the time, your DLC issue will be resolved by redownloading (and, if you are on the Xbox, clearing your cached song list).

The other 10% of the time, the song(s) you’re missing are being hidden by the 1 Lighter Filter. Even if you don’t think that’s the case, give it a try; you may have given songs a 1 Lighter Rating without realizing it.

Please do both of those things before submitting a ticket. If you’re still having issues, shoot us a ticket at our Support Portal and we can help you further: http://support.rockband.com
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