That Authoring Group gets Blitzed!

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We at That Authoring Group know that there will be an entirely new community of players joining the Rock Band community for the first time with Wednesday's launch of Rock Band Blitz. Most of them are going to start browsing the THOUSANDS of songs available in the music store and think "How can I ever afford all this awesomeness?!?!"

We're here to help.

At TAG we've always striven to bring you the best music at the lowest cost possible, but now we're going to make damn sure of it.

Starting Wednesday morning and for the next 90 days ALL of our songs will be on sale for $1!

That's right. Every single one of our over 170 tracks are all going to be $1 for the next 90 days.

So if there's some of our tracks that you thought man I'd buy that if only it wasn't $2, then this is the sale for you. Just act fast because at the end of the 90 days the $2 tracks will go back to their original prices.

Just our small way of welcoming the new members of the Rock Band Community, and make the hard choices of how can I purchase all these songs in these tough economic times just a little easier ;)

Now if you'll all excuse me I need to continue my finger exercises to get ready for Blitz!


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