Rock Band Blitz Export Question?

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Hey guys, I haven't visited this site in like forever. It could have been one or two years since I last came here.

Anyways, getting to the point, does anyone know if we will have to purchase an export key to export songs from Rock Band Blitz into Rock Band 3? I'm an Xbox 360 user and will be downloading Blitz onto my Hard Drive. Will Blitz tracks be immediately available for play in Rock Band 3 upon downloading? Or will I have to re-download tracks to Rock Band 3? I've never bought an export key before, so will I have to do so to play Blitz tracks on RB3?

P.S. does anyone know if I can change my username on my current online Rock Band account or change my email adress? If I delete this account and create a new one, will I still be able to link my gamertag? If so, will all my rank and info such as "most played genre" be reset? I'm a guy . . . so lost. lol


  • Cipher_PeonCipher_Peon I don't get it at all
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    No export key.
    You buy Blitz, then after loading your DLC it asks you to download the Blitz soundtrack. Accept and then you have the songs on both RB3 and Blitz.

    Reject it and... Weird things, dude. Weird things :p
  • www1221www1221 StackOverflowError
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    No export. The songs download separately from the game and once they are downloaded you can play them in either Blitz or Rock Band 3
  • KarnexKarnex Unsigned
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    Thanks! That's awesome. Can't wait for Blitz, I'm very positive it will be a great game. I was so happy when they announced that it's two buttons, because I would suck at the game if there were more as I can't button-tap quickly on a 360 controller. Rock Band: Unplugged was a different story, I could gold star every song in the game lol at age 12. Even if Blitz sucks, the exportable tracks will most likely make up for it.
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