I had a dream last night

horsepastriesahorsepastriesa Rising Star
edited August 2012 in Rock Band Blitz
I was at a Barnes & Noble with my girlfriend and my brother, and I was looking around and I found a bookshelf that had Rock Band 2, Green Day Rock Band, and Blitz (yes I know Blitz won't be sold physically, but it was a dream). But the thing was since Blitz is an XBLA game, it had an orange case, which makes perfect sense aesthetically. I decided that I had to steal said video game from Barnes & Noble. I mean when are you ever gonna find Blitz on a disc? So I shoved it in my back pocket, but when I turned around, my dad gave me a look of extreme sternness and disappointment, so I put it back. I just wanted to let the universe know my tale.


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