Are the Rest of the Rock Band Blitz SOngs Going to Continue as Wii DLC too?

kkymando496kkymando496 Unsigned
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Rock Band has decided to put 3 songs from Rock Band Blitz on as Wii DLC. Is this going to keep going, keep at the setlist? Please I need to know!


  • SheSaidSheSaidSheSaidSheSaid Washed Up
    edited August 2012
    No one knows right now. Or, if anyone does, they're not in a position to say. Sounds like you might have a particular song you're itching to get on Wii side? The best thing you can do is buy the first three and encourage all of your fellow Wii'ers to do the same. Dollars talk.

    I'd say the odds are decent, but it's probably a little closer to 'possible' than 'likely.' The Wii did eventually get just about all the RB1-era DLC during RB2, but pastures were greener for all of us back then.
  • kkymando496kkymando496 Unsigned
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    Very good point, I'll keep that in mind. And Oh Yes, I'm dying to play Always by Blink-182 and of course many others.
  • softguitar60softguitar60 Unsigned
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    In the livestream the guys said nothing's sure but they said there might be a chance they're gonna release it if there's enough demand and if enough people will download the songs that come out this week.
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