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Yep, I've been very busy with this pack in RB3. Too busy; uploading the videos distracts from my Blitz time because of reasons I will explain later. Anyway, general impressions of playing these songs in RB3, with the format I use in DLC discussion threads. Be prepared for a lot of text. That also means not to quote the whole thing. Please.

Also, the links in the Pro Keys sections lead to videos I have made of the charts. Good luck trying to watch Jungle Boogie, though.


1. Cult Of Personality: The second solo is about as nuts as the version in GH3.
2. Once Bitten Twice Shy: The second solo has insanely fast strum patterns mixed with HOPOs at the same time!
3. Death On Two Legs: Better than Don't Stop Me Now and You're My Best Friend with a fair amount of fun play, worse than Tie Your Mother Down because there's still a fair amount of dead space.
4. Bang Your Head: Three solos, all pretty tough, one with some of the fastest trills in the game short of Surfing With The Alien.
5. Spoonman: Featuring a trill lane in the chorus and a bunch of muted strums during the drum solo.
6. Diamond Eyes: Cool to play half the time, with fast switching chords and neat HOPO sequences, a boring chordfest in the other half
7. The Wicker Man: The forced strumming actually makes things pretty fun, but it is one of the weaker Maiden tracks this year.
8. Jessie's Girl: About what you would expect. Cool chords with a nice solo, not too difficult.
9. Give It Away: Yes, there are trill lanes in the second solo.
10. Shine: Original chord progression and a difficult solo.
11. Kids In The Street: The mid-tempo strumming sections are alright, but the rest is very mehsome.
12. Sing: Single note sustains thoughout most of the song, and a tremolo solo.
13. Moves Like Jagger: Although I like this chord-switching, alt-strumming sort of thing, repetitive doesn't even come close to explaining how many times you play the one pattern.
14. One Week: The ska pattern in the verses is the only noteworthy part.
15. Shout: When the song kicks in, it's alright, although the solo is terribly easy. And it goes on for too long.
16. Jungle Boogie: Short and mediocre fluff. Repetitive anchored HOPO pattern with a lot of dead space.
17. I'm Still Standing: Chordy mehness, and the solo is very light.
18. Raise Your Glass: Alt-strummy chords. Lots of points, little fun.
19. Stronger: Give me a C! Give me an H! You know the rest.
20. Always: A bit energetic, but still a chordfest.
21. Pumped Up Kicks: Better than I expected, but still nowhere near great.
22. These Days: Not exactly Stacked Actors or My Hero grade.
23. A Little Less Sixteen Candles: One of the simplest songs on the setlist.
24. We Are Young: Sparse note placement, and what's there is boring.
25. So Far Away: Sustains all up in this place.

Overall rating: 5/10. I guess some of the chordy songs had decent patterns, but the leaning towards modern pop really shows in guitar quality with only about five song with decent solos.

Pro Keys:

1. Kids In The Street: Great chart. Fairly simple, but lots of variety in what you do. Only negative part is a measurable amount of dead space at the end.
2. I'm Still Standing: Pretty difficult. Moving chords and arpeggiated hits within chords. Reminds more of Billy Joel than Elton, but it doesn't make it any less great to play.
3. Death On Two Legs: Yeah, that opening solo is really really hard. The rest doesn't even come close. Still kinda fun though.
4. We Are Young: You probably know what to expect. Repeat taps on the keys in the chorus and various other chords throughout, but there's never a dull moment.
5. Sing: Varied mild chords. Pretty great.
6. Once Bitten Twice Shy: Repetitious chords. Probably highest scoring Blitz song on keys.
7. One Week: Varied in its brevity, with a few mellotron-ish single note sequences
8. Diamond Eyes: Varied-ish chords punctuated by fast parts which pretty much require two hands, but a lot of dead space.
9. Shout: The hardest TFF (and *cough* Depeche Mode) song in the game. Chords which are really far apart sandwich otherwise simple melody patterns. Oh, and it goes on forever.
10. Stronger: Starts with this really fast alt-tap combo and has really unorthodox chords in the chorus
11. Jungle Boogie: Probably the hardest song in the Blitz pack. Very fast sweeps and note wraps.
12. Jessie's Girl: Nice, simple chords in the chorus, not much outside of it
13. Always: Segmented and arpeggiated chords provide mild fun.
14. Raise Your Glass: An evenly spaced, easily one handed and catchy melody in the chorus, not much else outside of it
15. Moves Like Jagger: I figured there would be more keys in this one. What you play is solid enough; easy single notes and that whistling main part.
16. Give It Away: Repetitive and sparse two-key chords in the vein of Pain.
17. So Far Away: Easy and slow chords. Takes until the second half to really kick in.
18. Pumped Up Kicks: No whistling until near the end. The rest are awkward chords very much like the ones from Helena Beat.
19. The Wicker Man: Only in the second half of the song, and they're awkward yet simple chords

Overall rating. 8/10. I had a decent amount of fun with pretty much every song, even if I come off as harsh in each description. There was a great ratio of keys to keysless songs, too, so even if you only play keys, the pack is still great value.


1. Moves Like Jagger: MooooOOOOOooooves like Jaggerrrrrrr. Nice and bouncy, and even Aguilera's thing isn't bad.
2. One Week: Tongue-twistingly brilliant. The lyrics help.
3. Death On Two Legs: Haaaaarrrrrdddd
4. Spoonman: Still as hard and complex as ever.
5. Once Bitten Twice Shy: Dat chorus, mannnn
6. I'm Still Standing: The verses are surprisingly tricky, and my voice broke when attempting the “Yeah yeah yeah” for the first time, so I like it!
7. A Little Less Sixteen Candles: Impressive haste distracts from a pretty static melody.
8. Sing: Slightly unconventional lower pitches, and memorable hooks elsewhere make it an enjoyable chart.
9. We Are Young: Even outside the chorus embedded in 2012's pop culture, there is a ton of pitch variation. Monae's verse kinda sucks, though.
10. Diamond Eyes: Outside of the A7X chorus, it's great. Shouting the sub-title is stupidly fun.
11. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You): Half generic, but very enjoyable, up there with the best No Doubt and P!nk songs.
12. Give It Away: Just like you remember it. The fast rapping is solid.
13. Bang Your Head: A bit repetitive, and the improvisational sections are bad, and there are these two riiiiidiculously high pitched renditions of the main chorus, but the chorus is lovable.
14. Jessie's Girl: Well...you all know how to sing it by now, yes? Not a lot to say about it. It's good.
15. Jungle Boogie: The middle of the song is tightly compacted and left me out of breath, which is good, but the Tarzan yell at the end was a bit lackluster.
16. Kids In The Street: The mid-range octave keeps things enjoyable as the pitches are a little unconventional, but just a tad repetitive.
17. Pumped Up Kicks: Its poppiness punches through its repetition, but the esoteric bridge stops it from scoring high marks.
18. Cult of Personality: Simple, but pretty passionate.
19. Raise Your Glass: I dunno. This just felt like the weakest P!nk song to me. So impassionate, and the swear unfortunately leaves an OD spot, so you can't swear into the mic without setting it off.
20. Shine: Probably the easiest song in the pack until the end of the song where it gets a bit wacky.
21. The Wicker Man: Simple and repetitive. All the Iron Maiden songs from the Epics pack were better to sing.
22. Shout: With an iffy low pitch in the verses and having to repeat the chorus a lot, it's not a lot of fun.
23. So Far Away: The pitch for this song was so low I only got 4 stars ;_; Meh.
24. These Days: Simple, easy, generic, repetitive, grating, blahhhh.
25. Always: About as simple and generic as vocals charts get.

Overall rating: 10/10. With the exception of the last two songs, everything was at least a little fun to sing.

Pro Drums:

1. Spoonman: We all know by know that this is a great drums song, but how much does it benefit from Pro? Eh, a bit, but not as much as I would have thought.
2. Always: Outside of the insanely fast disco beat, there are a lot of technical rolls. One of the hardest songs of the year.
3. Diamond Eyes: The chorus is this intense tom-foolery, and there are various other rolls as well.
4. Death On Two Legs: Varied amount of beats that use all pads. Good stuff.
5. Cult of Personality: Standard beat in the verses, but a nice ride beat with some good rolls. The ending is also really fast.
6. A Little Less Sixteen Candles: Fairly standard stuff, but the rolls are a great change of pace.
7. The Wicker Man: Regular beats with a hefty bass pedal beat in the chorus, and surprisingly few rolls for a Maiden song.
8. Sing: Irregular alternating rhythms between the hi-hat/ride and snare make a for a decent, if repetitive, experience.
9. We Are Young: Snare rolls punctuate a simple floor tom beat. Not terrible.
10. Kids In The Street: Weird segmented disco beat, kinda awkward to play.
11. One Week: Pretty standard stuff, general rock beat before doubling the snare hits.
12. Jungle Boogie: Standard beat with decent bass syncopation.
13. These Days: Surprisingly simple with a few great rolls.
14. Bang Your Head: Pretty typical stuff, but the pulsing lead-in to the chorus is okay.
15. Jessie's Girl: Standard stuff.
16. I'm Still Standing: Aside from tom hits in the chorus, standard stuff.
17. Moves Like Jagger: Irregular disco beat in the chorus, vapid bass pedal outside of it.
18. Give It Away: There are very few toms in this song, so the Pro-ness isn't really there.
19. Once Bitten Twice Shy: Simple beats, and it takes a while for the song to even have that.
20. Stronger: Standard beats with triple hi-hat hits.
21. Shine: Standard beats.
22. Raise Your Glass: Typical patterns, and not a lot of them anyway.
23. So Far Away: Slow typical beats.
24. Pumped Up Kicks: Boring, easy.
25. Shout: IT. WILL. NEVER. END

Overall rating: 3/10. The best song of the pack already came out around four years ago.

And a handful of other categories:

Best full band song: Death On Two Legs
Worst full band song: Shout
Musically best song: Kids In The Street.
Musically worst song: Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
Cipher's Award for Worst Title: Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
GNF's Award for Song I Would Hate Solely On The Basis That Someone Else I Know Likes It If I Cared What That Person Thought Despite Me Saying Otherwise: Shout.

Any questions about these songs in RB3? Shoot.


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